2.5 gallon Dwarf Puffer Tank

Dwarf Puffer Tank
This little tank was originally set up on my desk at my old company. It had a piece of driftwood and a few different types of plants. I hadn’t really kept live plants too much before this and didn’t know sand isn’t a good substrate for them. Living in the tank, I had a dwarf puffer, a couple red cherry shrimp, and a couple of pygmy cory cats. Eventually I decided to bring this tank home and move everything to my rock wall tank, where they lived their remaining years.


Tank: 2.5 gallon tank
Heater: Aqueon Preset Aquarium 50W Heater
Pump: Old mini protein skimmer pump
Lighting: Marineland LED 11 inch Light
Filtration: Biological Sponge


Dwarf puffer
Red Cherry Shrimp
Habrosus pygmy cory catfish
Java moss
Java fern
Anubias nana
Mariano Moss Ball

Dwarf Puffer FishHabrosus Pygmy Corydoras Red Cherry Shrimp Dwarf Puffer Fish