Fluval Spec V


Fluval Spec V

I am planning on making this Fluval Spec into a planted tank. Originally I was planning on bringing this to my office, but I think I may end up bringing my pico reef to my office when the time comes. My plan is to have this tank filled with java ferns, java moss, anubias, crypts, and sagittarias for plants, and red cherry shrimp, possibly thai micro crabs, and a few small fish. I’ll continue update this page as the build progresses.


Aquarium: Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit, 5-Gallon
Lighting/Filter: Included in Fluval Spec
Algae Scrapper: KASAN Algae Scraper
Heater: Aqueon Aquarium 50W Heater


Red cherry shrimpRed Cherry Shrimp
Madagascar Lace Plant
Java Fern
Java Moss
Micro Sword

Fluval Spec V



In order to help disperse the weight of the rock and wood, under the substrate I added white egg crate in the bottom. For substrate, I used dirt and capped it with gravel. The dirt will hopefully help the rooted plants grow healthier. I also dose the tank once a day with Seachem Flourish Excel for the plants.




Anubias Ludwigia Madagascar Lace Plant Java Fern