16 gallon Seahorse Tank

Seahorse tankBack when I was in college, I set up a seahorse tank as many young adults do. 🙂 This was a 16 gallon bow front tank, seahorses need more height than regular fish. It also an AquaFuge on the back for a refugium which helped increase the pod population. It also had an internal filter just for extra flow. For lighting I used a Current USA Orbit PowerCompact Light Fixture, which has since been discontinued since they’ve come out with newer LED light fixtures which are pretty fantastic. I also ran a mini chiller to keep the water temperature cooler than room temperature, since this is what they require. I had 2 captive bred yellow kuda seahorses which ate frozen mysis shrimp. I had various corals in there as well, mainly softies and mushrooms to make sure nothing could sting the seahorses. I also had a lot of different macro algae for the seahorses to grab on to. This was by far the coolest fish tank in my college dorm!

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